Live Bidding Insurance

'Live Bidding Insurance' is a service tailored for customers who intend to participate to live auction and, at the same time, don't want to leave pre-auction bids.

IMPORTANT - 'Live Bidding Insurance' placed bids will be considered only in case of severe technical problems in auction site which will prevent Live Bidding System from working for every internet user.

How it works
You can place 'Live Bidding Insurance' bids on the lots You are interested in, before the beginning of the auction.

On auction days, if serious technical issues will determine a persistent interruption in the Live Bidding service in the auction site
and 'Live Bidding Insurance' bids will be consider as normal pre-auction bids.

Otherwise, if the Live Bidding System will work as usual, 'Live Bidding Insurance' bids will simply be ignored.

Please note: 'Live Bidding Insurance' bids will not be considered in case of problems concerning the devices used by the customers but only in case of technical problems in auction site which will cause a complete and persistent lack of communication from the auction room to the internet.

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