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Lot 1026 - Auction 32

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RUSSIAN EMPIRE (UNTIL 1917) / Российская империя (до 1917) - Imperial Order of the Saint Equal to the Apostles Prince Vladimir1st- and 2nd-grade breast star, 84.0 x 84.0 mm, jeweller's fabrication by Nicholls & Plincke in Sankt Petersburg between 1848 and 1864, silver partly gilt, application gold (the golden ray parts separately screwed on the reverse), enamels, on the reverse city mark of Sankt Petersburg, manufacturer's mark "NP" and silver mark for 84 zolotniki from 1848 and 1864, with pin. RRU 19; ZK2 3119.
Имперaторский орден Святого Равноапостольного Князя ВладимираЗвезда 1 и 2 степени, 84.0 x 84.0 мм, изготовлена ювелирной фирмой Никольс и Плинке в СПбурге между 1848 и 1864 г, серебро с частичным золочением, золотые вставки, эмаль, на оборотной стороне городское клеймо СПбурга, клеймо изготовителя «NP» и клеймо серебра 84 золотника с 1848 по 1864 г, с заколкой. RRU 19; ZK2 3119.
Очень редкая Состояние лучше чем очень хорошее
According to Tammann (in TRP p. 35–36), Charles Konstantin Vasilievich Nicholls appears already in 1812 as a merchant for English gold- and silverware in Sankt Petersburg. In 1827 or 1829 Heinrich Plincke entered the firm as a junior partner, and by 1849 the firm was named Nicholls & Plincke. After Nicholls's death in 1852, now with Plincke as sole owner, the business continued under its old name. It seems that the firm was in business until the late 1880ies.


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