Лот 20 - Sincona Аукцион 17

SICILY - Syracuse - Decadrachm 405/400. Signed by Euainetos. Charioteer driving galloping quadriga to l. and holding kentron in r. hand, reins in left. Nike flying above and crowning charioteer. Under exergual line: a military harness, shield, greaves, cuirass and Attic helmet all connected by a horizontal spear, [AΘΛA] below. [ΣΥ-ΡΑ-ΚΟ-Σ-ΙΩΝ], wreathed head of Persephone-Kore to l., wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace. Four dolphins in field. (EY-AI)NE below lower dolphin. 42.82 g. Gallatin obv. R. IV / rev. C. XII. SNG ANS 365. Gulbenkian 313. Thin die break on obv. Perfectly centred and with an exceptionally well preserved obverse. A cabinet Extremely fine-uncirculated.
From an old Swiss collection.Few Greek coins, with the exception of the Athenian tetradrachms, have lived through the ages as prototype or starring example of Greek art, such as the Euainetos dekadrachms. Even during the time of minting these coins were produced in quantity, signed and unsigned. While probably not being used as common day currency, they were special objects, perhaps commemorating a military or athletic victory. Undoubtedly these were kept over long periods of time as being very special object, not to be melted or used as general currency.


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