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Lot 1023 - Auction 32

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RUSSIAN EMPIRE (UNTIL 1917) / Российская империя (до 1917) - Imperial Order of the Saint and Victorious Great Martyr George4th-grade cross, 41.1 x 35.4 mm, jeweller's fabrication probably by Dmitri Ivanovich Osipov between 1899 and 1908, probably in connection with the Russo-Japanese War 1904/1905, gold and enamels, 12.0 g, enamel painting, some enamel scratches, reverse of the upper cross arm partly, reverse of the left cross arm entirely and part of the reverse centre reenamelled, on the loop Sankt Petersburg kokoshnik gold mark for 56 zolotniki from 1899 until 1908, with assayer’s mark "AP" for A. Rikhter or A. W. Romanov, and master’s mark "ДO", the ribbon ring with kokoshnik mark from 1908 until 1917/26, without ribbon. RRU 15; ZK2 3102.
Имперaторский орден Святого Великомученика и Победоносца ГеоргияКрест 4 степени, 41.1 x 35.4 мм, возможно изготовлен ювелирной фирмой Дмитрия Ивановича Осипова между 1899 и 1908 г, возможно в связи с русско-японской войной 1904/1905, золото и эмаль, 12.0 г, роспись по эмали, царапинки по эмали, частичная утрата эмали на оборотной стороне, на ушке СПбургское клеймо золота 56 золотников с 1899 по 1908 г, пробирное клеймо А.Рихтера или А.Романова и клеймо ювелира «ДО», соединительное звено с клеймом с кокошником с 1908 по 1917/26 г, без ленты. RRU 15; ZK2 3102.
Состояние лучше чем очень хорошее
According to the collection files acquired in spring 1965 or 1966 from Mr. Ström in Finland.
The assayer’s letters "AP" can stand for A. Rikhter, who held this office from 1898 until 1903 or also for his successor A. W. Romanov, who was assayer until 1908.
According to Tammann (in TRP p. 36–37), Dmitri Ivanovich Osipov founded his firm before 1899. In 1910 he bought the majority of shares of his former competitor Eduard, who since 1905 was official supplier of orders' insignia to the Russian "Chapter of the Imperial and Royal Orders". According to Levin (Sergei S. Levin: Purveyors to the Chapter of the Russian Orders of Knighthood 1797–1917. In: PHS p. 177–199), in 1914 Osipov’s firm also became an official supplier of orders' insignia to that Chapter. The firm existed until 1917.
Согласно заметкам коллекционера приобретен весной 1965 или 1966 г у г-на Стрёма в Финляндии.


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